NOWATA, Oklahoma - Nowata Police and the Nowata County Sheriff's Office arrested a convicted felon after they said he was trying to impersonate a police officer - blocking vehicles on a highway and telling the people inside he was taking them into custody.

Police said Eric Royer had a loaded revolver on him, had previous gun convictions and has warrants out of Arkansas. The Sheriff's Office worked together with the Police Department preventing a dangerous situation from getting worse.

Nowata Police said the Sheriff's Office got a call Friday about a man pulling a gun on a group of cars near the Childers Store on Highway 28.

"He had actually turned on his flashers and pulled at an angle crossing the highway blocking approximately 3 cars," said Assistant Chief Sabrina Lee of the Nowata Police Department.

Police said the man, Eric Royer, got out of his car, walked towards the first two vehicles and told the people inside he was going to take them into custody. Those two vehicles drove away. Police say Royer then walked over to a third vehicle and pulled a gun.

"He pointed it at the group of people that were in the vehicle which included a small child, and they became scared and that’s when they also took off," said Assistant Chief Sabrina Lee of the Nowata Police Department.

The Sheriff's Office caught up to Royer, and with the help of the Police Department they arrested him near Highway 169 and 28.

Assistant Chief Lee said anytime someone is impersonating a police officer it can be potentially dangerous, and if you're ever unsure if the person pulling you over is a real police officer call 911.

"Tell them what the situation is. If that is in fact a police officer behind you, dispatch will radio to that officer and they will be able to confirm," said Assistant Chief Sabrina Lee of the Nowata Police Department.

The Police Department and Sheriff's Office said with this case, the victims did a great job relaying all the information to dispatch, and no one was hurt.

"They stayed on the line, they gave the dispatcher great information that helped me know exactly where they were at and to get to them quickly," said Deputy Anthony Lein with the Nowata County Sheriff's Office.

Officer William Bright of the Nowata Police Department also assisted.

Royer was arrested on several complaints including impersonating a public official, being a felon in possession of a firearm and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.