TULSA, Oklahoma - We're learning more about how U.S. Marshals tracked down two Tulsa murder suspects. Kenneth Williams and La'shae Terrell were arrested Thursday night in Kansas.

They were wanted in connection to the shooting death of Louis Poole last Saturday. Deputy Marshals say Williams and Terrell traveled to Wichita and connected with an old prison associate.

They were found inside his apartment.

"It was good old-fashion police work," said Supervisor Deputy Marshal John Gage.

"The investigators did their job great. They brought us everything they found, and we passed it to our officers in Wichita and the marshals up there got the job done."

U.S. Marshals tell us deputies went to the apartment they were in, knocked on the door, confronted the person who lives there and found the pair sleeping on a couch upstairs.

Terrell and Williams will be brought back to Tulsa - as the court process plays out.