TAFT, Oklahoma - The Department of Corrections said a woman brought marijuana into the Jess Dun Correctional Center on Saturday.

The marijuana was wrapped in cellophane and duct tape, according to the DOC.

Bryant and her two children, an infant and a two-year-old, were visiting inmate Troy Hale.

"Ms. Bryant had left to change one of the children's diapers, returned to the check in area near visitation, and it looked like she put something in her diaper bag,” DOC spokesperson Matt Elliott said.

Elliott said DOC staff make contraband seizures at facilities across the state nearly every day.

"Most of the time, the way people try to get contraband into facilities is they'll try to throw it over the fence,” he said. “Literally throw it over the fence. It'll be in like a duffel bag or a gym bag."

A correctional officer searched the diaper bag, and a Muskogee County Deputy arrested Bryant.

Elliott said drugs smuggled into prisons can have an impact on the public's safety. 

"Sometimes this contraband that's sold behind the wire, behind prison walls, is used to sponsor or pay for criminal activity outside of the prison,” Elliott said.

Bringing contraband into a state prison is a felony and can carry a sentence of up to five years in prison.

DHS is involved, and the DOC said the two children are now safe with other family.