TULSA - A Tulsa man has a unique way to keep the homeless warm this winter. 

Ray Neal started a charity called Glocks for the Homeless, but it isn't what you think. 

Neal spends his free time collecting socks, gloves, hand warmers, lip balm and anything else people need during the winter. 

"It sounds like we are giving out handguns. Of course that is a terrible idea. Glocks for me is a compound word for gloves and socks," said Neal. 

One of Neal's favorite YouTuber's inspired him to start his charity last year and he hasn't looked back. Now he has a team of volunteers that help him collect the items, load the plastic bags and hand them out. 

"I thought what can I do in Tulsa at my level, just an everyday regular guy." he said. 

Neal says last year he was able to hand out 165 bags to the homeless. This winter, he has bigger goals. 

"I have a hundred bags prepared to go right now and hopefully enough items to package a hundred more. So my goal for this winter season is 500," he said. 

All of the items come from donations.

He wants to do whatever he cant o get the word out and help more people. 

"There are several businesses here in Tulsa that have allowed me to set up donation bins in their business so people can come by and drop off gloves and socks," he said. 

Neal says the reason he does it is simple, he just wants to put some smiles on a few faces. 

"I have a drawer dedicated to socks in my bedroom and I'm giving somebody two pairs of socks in a ziploc bag and it makes their day/