OKFUSKEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says Antony Spain is in custody after a deadly shooting Saturday, January 5th in Okemah.

The OSBI says they are investigating a murder in a home at the request of Sheriff Rim Rasmussen. 

The agency says at 7:30 p.m. Antony Spain called 911 reporting a domestic incident and shooting. When deputies arrived at the home, they found Teresa Smith dead.

Based on Spain's possible social media posts, it appears the victim is Spain's mother-in-law, although we haven't been able to confirm that.

Spain is believed to have posted on Facebook before being taken into custody.  According to one of those posts, Spain said saying in part, "I am so sorry, I had no idea it was going to go off like it did." 

In another post, Spain said "God help me why did u try to kill me, I ask u to stop. God bless her and me to the heavens."

The OSBI says once it completes its investigation, it will turn over its report to the Okfuskee County District Attorney's office.