CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - A Claremore nonprofit is stepping up to help hospital employees who are not getting paid because of the government shutdown. Light of Hope is trusting the community to help stock their pantries with groceries for those employees. 

Light of Hope founder Layla Freeman says the Claremore Indian Hospital reached out for help in light of the partial government shutdown. Freeman says hospital employees hoped the nonprofit might become a resource for hundreds of employees who need help providing for their families.

"They are medical staff, they are nurses, they are doctors, they are ER surgical techs. They are qualified people but they are not getting paid and they have to continue to work,” said Freeman.

Freeman needed more supplies to make sure the pantry was fully stocked and once she reached out on social media, she says the donations came pouring in.

“The community that we live in, they love each other. We sent out a Facebook post and over the weekend people started bringing and serving and we served 84 people over the weekend alone,” said Freeman.

Freeman says the need is high- some of those 84 people needed food for their entire family.

“They are so grateful they are literally coming in here crying, “said Freeman, “It has got to be difficult to be walking into a food bank when they normally are the ones giving to organizations themselves but we want to love on them in every capacity possible because this is a difficult time."

Supplies like toiletries and frozen meats are already running low but Freeman says she isn't worried. She says she trusts the Oklahoma community and their big hearts to step up to the plate like they always do.

"We are so grateful. I mean, God has opened doors that no human could open," said Freeman.

Anyone who would like to donate can call Light of Hope at 918-373-4560 to set up a time to drop by the office and pick up groceries.

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