TULSA, Oklahoma - We are getting a look at what police saw moments after a deadly shooting at a Tulsa Walgreens. A clerk shot and killed a customer during a confrontation over a photograph. Police sent us seven videos, totaling about five and a half hours.

Each covers different angles and perspectives from Officers who responded to the scene.

Dash cam video shows Police quickly driving to the scene. "I think we have the shooter down inside" can be heard on a police radio.

Some videos show Tulsa Police inside the Walgreens at 71st and Lewis.

In one clip, you can hear the response from Officers as they respond to the scene. Police blurred part of the video, but you can clearly hear officers talking about the suspect and the shots that the Clerk fired.


"Who is the suspected shooter then, its gonna be the clerk," said one Officer. "He's an employee there's casings on the floor no he's not hurt," said another Officer.

In another clip police spoke with the now former clerk, making sure he is okay along with two people who were injured. News On 6 did not show his face because the shooting was found to be justified and the clerk was not charged. In the video, we can overhear him explaining over the phone what happened to a person he identifies as his lawyer.

"A guy pulled a gun on me and threatened to kill me and I pulled my gun and shot back at him," said the Clerk.

At one point he also asks if he is free to leave.

"Officer, am I free to go my attorney is asking?" said the Clerk, "we are going to need you to give a statement," said an Officer.

Officers took the former clerk to the police station for questioning along with the gun they believe he used in the shooting.

"Did you secure the clerks gun, yes it went down with him the officer that transported him has that gun," said an Officer.

Police determined that the Clerk was the only one who fired shots His name was never released.

The person killed was identified as William Hurley.