TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa County District attorney Steve Kunzweiler is clashing with an outgoing judge after the judge sentenced a man to 10 years probation for shooting with intent to kill. The DA says he wanted 10 years of prison time.

District Attorney Kunzweiler and Judge James Caputo criticized each other, appearing separately on Pat Campbell's morning show on KFAQ.

The disagreement is centered around 20-year-old Joseph Zannotti, found guilty of shooting with intent to kill.

Detectives say he fired a gun at an SUV almost a year ago and Judge Caputo says Kunzweiler didn't convince him the suggested 10-year prison sentence was appropriate for this case.

“I also have to consider, mainly, the facts and circumstances surrounding this certain case and the law that applies to this case,” said Caputo. “The state did not convince me that the fired shot hit that truck

Kunzweiler appeared on the show on Tuesday to defend his points and says if someone is found guilty of shooting with intent to kill, they need to spend time behind bars.

"I'm not dealing with a possession of crack cocaine or stealing something from Walmart I’m dealing with someone shooting at citizens in our community. I've never been in a position where, I guess we're at that standard where ‘hey you get one or two’ or in this case 6 shots and if you don't hit anyone you I guess you get probation. I've never been in that position before in 29 years," said Kunzweiler.

Judge Caputo is leaving office next week, after losing re-election in November. Listen to the Full Interviews below.

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