TULSA, Oklahoma - According to the Tulsa Police Department, a pursuit began around 5:10 with a suspect in a stolen vehicle.

The pursuit ended when the suspect crashed into a home near 4600 South 26th West Avenue. Two people were home when the driver hit their garage. Police have not released information about the driver at this time.

News on 6 learned about the police chase when Andrew Beach tagged us on Facebook in this video seconds after it happened. His Nest doorbell was recording as the driver in a stolen pick up truck sped down his street. 

User: Andrew To: link


Andrew said he had just installed his video recording doorbell around noon to make him feel safer. Hours later it captured the chase down West 49th street. Within minutes the driver crashed into a house a couple blocks over. 

"It just blew like a bomb exploded outside," said homeowner Santiago Luna. 

The force of the impact pushed his garage door in and caused quite a bit of damage to the corner of the home.



So far no one was connected to the chase has been booked into the Tulsa City Jail.