TULSA, Oklahoma - There is a brand new neighborhood taking shape in Tulsa and News On 6 got an exclusive look at what to expect.

We've told you about the Church Studio near 3rd and Utica but that is just one part of the excitement happening in this neighborhood just outside of downtown. Named after one of the most famous musicians to come out of Tulsa the street is paying homage to Leon Russell.

"We need to bring attraction to this area there. There is so much to share that we can bring it back to life," said Anthony Martinez of Mango's Cuban Cafe

Renovations on Church Studio are underway and are set to be finished by late 2019 but around it the neighborhood is growing.

"I'm going to reach out to the people in Tulsa and say visit us and take a chance on us and they will come," said Martinez.

Anthony Martinez is opening Mango's Cuban Cafe right across the street. His neighbor, The Coffee Blues just opened a week ago. When Owner Kent Berry heard the studio was being remodeled he said he had to get in.

"I knew I needed to be involved. There's a story to be told and it is exciting to tell it every day to people that have no idea what’s going on," said Berry.

The second floor of this building will be Duets Bed and Breakfast and the back end of the space will eventually house a vinyl press, Tulsa's first.

Across the street from the church studio the Swamphouse restaurant is set to open in the spring. This restaurant - as well as Mango's and Coffee Blues will have live music - after all - this area is called Studio Row.

"I like vintage and we are going back to artists work, Leon Russel, we are going back to the beginning here,” said Martinez

"We are in the pearl district and right next to Kendall Whittier so it’s like it is all merging at the same time," said Berry.