WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma - An illegal trash dumping case in Wagoner County leads deputies to a teen who learned a lesson in responsibility.

The teen's parents stepped in to make sure their son did the right thing.

The sheriff's office post the information and photos on its Facebook page. 

Wagoner County's Department of Environmental Quality deputy discovered trash at dumped in the Coal Creek area. The sheriff says the investigation led her to a house near the dump site.

The deputy asked the owner why their trash would be near Coal Creek and the owner told the deputy she'd asked her 17-year-old son to take to the trash to a nearby facility that they can legally use.

The deputy says the mother was upset by what her son did. The teen's parents said they'd send their son to the site to clean up the mess he'd made along with all the other trash dumped in the area.

The deputy met with the teen who told her he dumped the trash there because he had plans and was in a hurry.

The deputy says the teen showed full remorse.

Sheriff Chris Elliott says this is a good example of a crime being solved and a teenager learning a valuable life lesson.

The deputy says illegal dumping can lead to a misdemeanor charge and expensive fines.