TULSA, Oklahoma - Police say a Tulsa woman ran over a man with her car while she was trying to turn right on red Wednesday night. Police are investigating to find out who is at fault in the dead traffic accident.

Police say the woman was turning from Garnett onto 31st when her car hit and killed 79-year-old Daryl Gantt who was walking northbound in the crosswalk.

Police identified 22-year-old Makayla Scott as the driver, but she was not arrested for the collision. They say she was driving under suspension and had 6 warrants out for her arrest, including a couple for driving under suspension.

Police say it's only legal to make a right turn on red if there is nothing you have to yield to. 

"If it's determined that he had a walk signal, then her turning right and striking him would be the illegal part because pedestrians have the right of way when they have the proper signals and are in the proper crosswalks," said Jeanne Pierce, Tulsa Police.

Officers say witnesses told them all four lights were red at the time.

Police tell me even though Scott was the driver, she was not arrested for the collision.

"She had several city misdemeanor warrants that she was arrested for; she was driving under suspension so she did not have a valid drivers license," Pierce said.

Police said the law requires pedestrians to follow the crossing signs at intersections.

"They will canvas the area to see if there is any video surveillance of the actual incident to determine whether or not, what lights were green, who had walk signals, who didn't," said Tulsa Police Officer Jeanne Pierce.

Makayla Scott was arrested for outstanding warrants.