TULSA, Oklahoma - We're learning more about the area where Tulsa Police found three dead puppies this week. Officers say they were first called to the condemned apartment complex for a stolen car and found a lot more than that.

A condemned apartment complex near 21st and Memorial is keeping Tulsa Police busy this week. It was there on Tuesday evening, an officer discovered three dead German Shepard puppies inside of a barrel.

And as police still investigate that, it was another reason officers were at the complex to begin with.

"We came out to this apartment complex to do a canvas," said Officer Luke Flanagan, Tulsa Police.

Officer Luke Flanagan says while patrolling the area known for frequent squatters, they found a stolen car parked out front.

"We got on perimeter around the complex, we like to cover it each angle."

While surrounding the building, Flanagan found the dead puppies, but other officers found a lot of other, completely unrelated crimes.

"We actually started going through all of these different apartments that had been broken into, lots of signs of forced entry," Flanagan said.

In one apartment, officers found more than 20 IDs, drivers licenses, stolen mail, printing equipment, meth and marijuana. And a homeless man, Ira Wilkins, who was taken to jail for possessing all of it and squatting in the apartment.

Neighbors who live near the abandoned complex tell me this is not surprising.

"I see police here all of the time. It's an every day deal," said Tulsa resident Jackie Grissom.

Jackie Grissom, who's lived nearby for only 5 months, said she's already trying to move out. says she's already trying to move out.

"I can't even allow my granddaughter to go outside and play," she said.

And as I mentioned - police are still investigating the case of the dead puppies and how they got there.