TULSA, Oklahoma - Detectives are looking for two men they say stole two purses, then went on a nearly $3,000 shopping spree in less than 2 hours. The victim's husband says a cell phone inside one of those purses led them right to the suspects.

Daniel Miller says his wife, mother-in-law, and two-year-old daughter stopped at LaFortune Park after a day of shopping. They say they put their purses on the ground, covered them in blankets and locked the doors but even those precautions weren't enough to stop the thieves.

Officers say the two spent nearly $3,000 in a handful of stores across Green Country, charging car equipment, electronics and at one point, a pizza to the victim's credit card.

"This is the truck,” said Tulsa Burglary Detective Robby Bowman, “it has got two different tires."

What the suspects didn't know is they were being followed.

"It's amazing the technology on Find My iPhone and how accurate it is,” said Daniel Miller.

Daniel says his wife called to say someone broke into her car and stole her purse as well as her mother’s.

"They were literally in the park less than 5 minutes because the weather was cold that day and they came back, and the window was busted out.”

Daniel checked on his family first and then says he used Find My iPhone to track the stolen purses to a grocery store parking lot.

"I just gave it a ring the guy definitely looked down and looked at it and then looked back up and we made eye contact, I think at that time he knew that he had probably been made," said Miller.

Daniel says he followed the truck long enough to get a better description and then gave the information to Tulsa Police.

"They really hit the victim's cards hard, high ticket items at each place they hit. We are going to do everything we can here at the detective division to seek these people and prosecute them," said Detective Bowman.

If the two men in the video or the truck look familiar to you, call Crime Stoppers.