TULSA, Oklahoma - Police search for a burglar after they say the thief busts into a Tulsa home late Thursday with 3 residents inside.

Officers say the break-in happened in the Brookside neighborhood at about 10:30 p.m. but they say the burglar wasn't able to take anything of value.

Police say the thief was already gone by the time officers showed up at the home near 26th and Peoria.

"I think the police response and the helicopter response probably helped cause the suspect to flee before they could cause any real damage or potentially damage the homeowner," said Tulsa Police Captain Malcolm Wightman.

He says an adult and 2 children were in the home and told police they heard someone breaking down a door, so all three ran upstairs to hide as they waited for the police.

 Captain Wightman says its always best to avoid confrontation when you can. He feels the homeowner handled the situation well.  Thankfully, he says no one was hurt.

Tulsa Police are still trying to figure out why this home was targeted.