TULSA, Oklahoma - The Tulsa Police Department is planning a $12 million upgrade to its records system that the department says will help them get criminals off the streets.

TPD said these upgrades are much needed because the current records system was built in 1977. They said they've made many tweaks and adjustments but after more than 40 years, the current program is still very outdated.


"We didn't have gangs in Tulsa in 1977, we didn't have drug trafficking on the scale that we have now. We didn't have human trafficking, cybercrimes hadn't even been heard of," said Major Matt Kirkland.

Tulsa Police say when the program is ready to launch next year, officers will be able to quickly notice and categorize any crime trends and focus on those areas. Major Kirkland is overseeing part of this project and says the upgrade will help police track down leads and potential suspects in a more efficient way.

"If you've got 4 or 5 people who may know something about a crime, it's gonna make it a lot easier to figure out who a person's circle of friends are, who their circle of acquaintances are," said Kirkland.

TPD is working together with the city's municipal courts department to make this upgrade happen. They said technology experts are testing the new system to learn what its limits are.

Kirkland said it's been a long process but they want to make sure it's as close to perfect before they launch it next year.

"We put a tremendous amount of work into figuring out exactly what it is that we need and finding the best value out there," he said.

The department said it's using capital money approved by voters, along with grants, to pay for these upgrades.