MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - A total of 1,824 miles, that is how far a Bible will be traveling across the United States to get into the hands of a Green Country woman. A woman found the Bible filled with hand written notes in Washington State.

If a Bible could speak - imagine the stories it would tell. That is just one of many thoughts going through the head of Janeth Bielenberg when she saw this one online.

It was being sold as an antique on Facebook Marketplace in Spokane, Washington.

Janeth was instantly captivated by the hand-written notes, birth dates and memories inside.

"I was looking at the pictures that the man had posted, and it goes all the way back to like, 1879," said Janeth Bielenberg, "It didn't sit well with me, to know that somebody's legacy was floating around out there."

So, Janeth challenged another buyer and won - purchasing the priceless heirloom for $100.

Many of the family members listed inside the Bible were born Muskogee, so Janeth joined Facebook groups in that area, posting pictures of the Bible hoping someone would recognize the names. Eventually, someone did.

"We didn't know a whole lot about the Doyles, my dad; his dad passed away when he was 19 years old," said Debbie Simmons.

A good friend sent Debbie Simmons a screenshot of the Bible - and a part of family history she thought would always be a mystery, was written in ink on the well-worn pages.

"A new book to open,” said Simmons. "This is a one in a million that we even got to see this let alone, it is on its way to me."

It is a lesson in kindness that Janeth hopes the community continues to pay forward.

"There is so many ugly things going on in the world, to be able to have one moment in time, where you can do something for somebody without expecting anything in return that is the most fulfilling thing," said Bielenberg.