TULSA, Oklahoma - Two future Pokes are tearing it up on the hardwood in Green Country. Kalib and Keylan Boone are leading the charge at Memorial.

"We don't want to be satisfied with playing our best basketball in December or January. Memorial plays for March," said Coach Bobby Allison.

The Chargers are about to be marching right toward the most important month. They're 11-3, tops in the state in 5A - thanks in large part to Kalib and Keylan Boone.

"They have big-time fourth quarter moments that make you realize that they're real winners," Allison said.

Together, the OSU signees average 34 points and 20 rebounds a game. Through the first half of the season, they've only gotten better.

"There's areas that I need to get better at, like I still need to get better at being a perimeter defender," said Kalib Boone.

"Yeah, you kind of figure new things out, figure new ways to win basketball games," said Keylan Boone.

With all the success and notoriety that Kalib and Keylan have earned, it's easy to believe that they've just been basketball machines since birth. But no, that's not the case. In fact, one brother had to convince the other to even give the game a try.

"I only started doing this because of my brother," Kalib said.

"My school decided to do a basketball team, so I joined it. He liked going home at first, then he saw I wasn't home a lot, and he like, joined," Keylan said.

"Kalib, he wasn't good. I swear. Was he? He was just tall," said James Alexandre.

But he's improved, and with Memorial going for back-to-back titles, the Boones have a family motivation as well.

"Also, I want to beat my mom's records in rings," Kalib said. "My momma has two rings."