BROKEN ARROW - The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office said no arrests were made after a standoff lasting about five hours.

Deputies said they were called out to a home near 91st street and 257th Avenue for a domestic violence situation. They said they learned the man inside may be suicidal.

Neighbors said they were asked to leave their homes during the situation.

Deputies said there were no phones inside the house, and they ended up communicating with the man through email. After talking for several hours, Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott said the man came outside peacefully, and made it known he would only talk to a veteran. Thankfully, the sheriff said, they were able to help him right away.

“We employ retired veterans here and people that are out of the military,” Elliott said. “I have two Marines here with me. We sent them up there. They talked to him. They de-escalated the situation, actually talked to the individual and invited us into the home.”

Elliott emphasized the gun the man had is owned legally, so no crime was committed.