PAWNEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Pawnee County family is searching for answers a month after a Thomas Tisher's body was found along Highway 412 west of Sand Springs.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is investigating and says it is a suspicious death. They are hoping the toxicology report will help them learn more.

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The Tisher's sister Meta Peters spent a month wondering what happened to her brother after a trip to the casino. She's convinced someone knows how her brother ended up in a ditch along the highway.

Peters says she hopes a casino security camera picture of Tom Tisher will lead to answers.

She says he went to the Osage Casino near Sand Springs with a neighbor on December 8th. An ODOT worker found Tisher's body along Highway 412 on Friday, December 14th.

"If he had been hit by a car or something they would have been able to tell us that by now. But he had no bodily injuries. No broken bones. No nothing," said Meta Peters.

After the family missing persons report was filed, several people said they saw Tisher walking along Highway 412 near the Bears Glen exit.

"We searched, drove around, the drones went all over searching and we did not find him there at that time," said Meta Peters.

Peters says two days after searching, Tom's body was found in the exact spot they searched.

"I think someone picked him up and gave him a ride and from then on we don't know what happened," said Meta Peters. "Everything in his wallet had been removed. The wallet was put back in his pocket and we don't know how that came about."

Meta says that doesn't make sense because in the security picture, his wallet looks full.

She says the casino parking lot was the last place they know for sure Tom was.

"We don't know where he went, who he was with. There is one thing I know he was not out there Wednesday when we did the body search," said Meta Peters.

Meta tells News On 6, all she wants is answers to help bring some closure to her family.

"We loved my brother very much and it's just hard not knowing why this happened to him and where it happened," said Meta Peters.

Missing Cleveland Man's Body Found In Pawnee County