TULSA, Oklahoma - A new leadership team will help Tulsa businessman Kevin Stitt as he transitions to being governor. Melissa Houston is part of the governor's transition team.

Houston she says the governor's address will focus on "People: Pride and Purpose."

"These are the themes that are going to be carrying through the day as part of the address, carrying him through the administration," Houston told News On 6.

"It's really an exciting time for all of us to come together, all four million Oklahomans and have that pride in our state and working together, and we really can accomplish anything."

The transition team started working shortly after Oklahomans elected Stitt.

It's made up of people from across the state of Oklahoma, both rural and urban - with a diversity of viewpoints - so the structure of government about Oklahomans.

Houston said they've had seven policy groups digging into issues the team believes can be most impactful in a short period of time.