MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - Muskogee Police are looking for a man they say assaulted his girlfriend with a knife and then led officers on a chase. Police say Cody Fox has a history of domestic violence and running from police.

According to police, Cody Fox threatened to kill his girlfriend and her daughter and then tried to hit a Police Officer with his car.

Muskogee Police posted a picture of Cody Fox on their Facebook page hoping someone will help them find him.  Officers say a witness called police saying Fox was assaulting a woman on the witnesses' own front porch.

"They had no reason to be at that house. She was trying to get away from him and went to the first house she could," said Lincoln Anderson with Muskogee Police Department 

Police say Fox left with the woman in his car before officers got there. An officer spotted the vehicle and tried to pull it over but Fox took off, pulled into a driveway and then police say he tried to back into an officer.

"He wouldn't let her out of the car he kept forcing her back in the car," said Anderson. 

Police say after a short chase Fox's car got stuck in the mud and the woman was able to run to police but Fox ran away.

"She told our officers that he hit her in the face and head several times. This wasn't something that lasted a few minutes. From what we understand this went on for a little while," said Anderson.

Officers say they found Fox again later that night but he got away again.

"He's not somebody that needs to be out running around. If he's going to assault a female repeatedly and pull a knife on her then obviously that's somebody we need to try and get off the street," said Anderson.

Police say Fox is dangerous and they hope the public will help find him.

"We need to find him. He needs to go to jail. That's just it. He needs to go to jail," said Anderson.

: Police say Fox faces several charges including assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping and eluding.