PITTSBURG COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Pittsburg County Sheriff says 2018 was a very successful year for his department.

Sheriff Chris Morris took over in January of 2017 and started with 11 deputies. That number has now has grown 18 including two Deputies to primarily investigate illegal dump sites.

The sheriff says they made nearly 300 drug-related arrest last year and served more than 1,600 arrest warrants an increase of 100 from the previous year.

The Sheriff’s Office also reported that the Cold Case unit made an arrest on a 30-year-old homicide case. The sheriff says investigators are very close to solving other cold cases.

“Thank you, citizens of Pittsburg County, for all the support you have given the Sheriff’s Office and the many tips we have received that has helped us solve numerous crimes.  We must all continue to work together to make this county a better and safer place to live,” said Sheriff Morris.