MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - Police say a man wanted for attacking his girlfriend with a knife was arrested in Dallas Monday night.

According to police, Cody Fox threatened to kill his girlfriend and her daughter and then tried to hit a police officer with his vehicle during a chase. 

Officers said he held his girlfriend in his car against her will after assaulting her. Police said he eventually got his car stuck in some mud. The victim was able to escape, and officers said so did Fox.

He was captured around 11 p.m. in Texas. 

"He's not somebody that needs to be out running around. If he's going to assault a female repeatedly and pull a knife on her then obviously that's somebody we need to try and get off the street," said Lincoln Anderson, Muskogee Police Department.

In a post on its Facebook page, the Muskogee Police Department says Fox will face additional charges once he is extradited back to Muskogee.