TULSA, Oklahoma - Police say a six-year-old Green Country child is safe tonight after he was found in a storage bucket, covered by plastic bags. A Tulsa Police officer who was in the room when the little boy was found says the six-year-old was crying and covered in bruises but thanks to the good timing of law enforcement -he is expected to survive.

"The sight of him was horrible he had multiple bruises all over his body, he had a huge hematoma on his head, he was visibly upset and crying once we got him out of the bags. It is a horrible sight," said Tulsa Police Officer Micheal Snyder.

Police say they found the child's guardians Steven Adams and Tonya Greer in the same room-pretending to be asleep.

“They both were just- it didn't seem like it bothered them. They were just more worried about us being there," said Snyder.

Tulsa Police met with DHS workers earlier in the day trying to find the little boy. Police say DHS workers told them Greer and Adams would not meet with them and no one answered the door when they went to the house where the boy was supposed to be staying.

"We put forth over four hours in locating this child and we weren't going to stop until we found him because of so many people lying to us about his location and then so many people telling us how concerned they were. We were not going to give up until we found him," said Snyder.

Three apartment complexes and countless interviews later, police found the little boy.

"If he would have been left in that plastic bag any longer than he had, he had a high probability of dying," said Snyder.