TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa man is on trial for manslaughter after a shooting at a fireworks stand left a 15-year-old boy dead.

Johnny Mize Jr. attorney says Mize only shot out of self-defense that day because he thought shots were being fired at him.

It happened on July 4th, 2017 when 15-year-old Jake Ulrich and his cousin stopped by the Mize family firework stand. Prosecutors say the pair took off with a $1,200 firework pack that was on sale for 600.

They say Mize grabbed a gun and ran after them, firing shots into the front of Ulrich’s truck as they tried to get away.

Prosecutors say Mize hit Ulrich in the chest, killing him. Mize’s attorney says he only fired when he thought he heard gunshots and blind-fired, not shooting in any particular direction.

Ulrich’s cousin testified on Tuesday, saying they didn’t have a gun at all, so they couldn’t have shot at Mize. The cousin said if he’d had a gun he would have used it to shoot Mize for firing at Ulrich.

Prosecutors say this is just a case of an overreaction and even though the Ulrichs were in the wrong for stealing Mize took it too far.