TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police need your help identifying a burglary suspect who brought a little girl with him to commit the crime.

Security cameras caught it everything and that man could now face child endangerment charges as well. The owner of Tulsa's Greenleaf Wholesale Florist says when he watched the surveillance video it made him sick.

"What father leaves their baby as precious as she was, outside,  while he is inside burglarizing," said Trey Benton.

The video shows the man trying to get in the back door of the florist, all while the young girl with him stood by often reaching out her arms to be picked up.

"The whole time he is messing with the door, he is no more even acknowledging she is there and doesn't acknowledge her the whole time," said Benton.

In the video, the girl signals to her shoe which the suspect takes off leaving her barefoot.


"There is just so much that could've happened bad for her and I'm surprised she didn't cut her foot," said Benton.

All the detectives I spoke to were just kind of in shock. Also, we believe he might have been intoxicated," said TPD Officer Jeanne Pierce. "This child is totally unaware that she is in a dangerous situation."

Benton says he wishes he had called police when he first got the burglary alarm notification. But he didn't think much of it, after all, he had just hired a new driver.

"I figured the new driver had come in to turn paperwork in and set it off and so I figured she set it off. So, I didn't call the police and I should have," he said.

Officer Pierce says in the end that was probably a good thing.

"We would've arrived on scene with a K9 to check out the building and unbeknownst to us there is a small child present."

If you have any information please call Crime Stoppers and you can remain anonymous.