TULSA, Oklahoma - Some big changes are coming to the Promenade Mall. The movie theater is closed, and someone bought the space where Macy's used to be, according to the mall’s general manager. 

Promenade Mall said Macy's will not be replaced by another department store. The General Manager of the mall would not say who is moving in but said it should happen by this summer.

"It's an exciting time for all of us. It's an exciting new year,” General Manager Veronica Butts said.

Butts said the lease expired for the Regal-owned movie theater and closed this week. Movie-goers can head to the theater again starting February 1st, under a new operator and new management. Butts said tickets will be a few dollars cheaper than before.

Just past the movie theater a new candy store will replace the old Kay Jewelers.

Cindy Evans has shopped at Promenade for years and has watched the mall change over time.

"It's really kind of gone downhill,” Evans said. “I'm glad to hear that other stores are going in because it's pretty well empty."

Zales closed at the end of last year.

"They closed many stores as of last year, 2018. And so this store was just on the radar to close,” Butts said.

Another tenant already has plans to move in. The owner of Abby's Jewelry says she'll have two locations at the mall, starting March 1st.

"I'm gonna keep this location only for [an] office,” Abby Alhlou said.

Other changes coming March 1st include whatever stores move into Charlotte Rouse and American Eagle, after both of those leases expired. Butts would not confirm which stores will occupy those spaces.

Butts said a new store, “Brenda’s Bridal Rental,” opened at the mall this month.

Butts said the mall hired a commercial broker to help lease empty spaces. She would not say how many empty spaces there are at the mall.