TULSA, Oklahoma - In December, a woman from Tulsa broke down on the side of NB 75 heading into the city. Her boyfriend came and picked her up and the next day when the tow truck driver showed up her car was gone.

RaChelle Rush was driving her white 1998 Buick Century to Hutchinson, Kansas when she broke down on the side of the highway. She tells News on 6 she called her boyfriend and had him pick her up. They arranged for a tow truck to pick up her car the next day but when the driver showed up the car was gone.

Rush filed a police report and her tag was found on a vehicle in Osage County but her car hasn’t been recovered.

“For somebody who’s hardworking and does what they need to do and someone just comes along and takes the only thing in the world that you own, that’s not fair,” she said.

Rush has been using her car to drive back-and-forth from Kansas to see her mom, Darlene Bookout. Bookout, 66, was diagnosed with breast cancer in October and recently found out that it’s terminal.

Rush was told by her mom’s doctor that her mom has days, maybe weeks to live.

“She stopped cancer treatment and we don’t know what’s going to happen so it’s very important for me to have a vehicle to go back-and-forth because I don’t know when I’m going to lose my mom.”

Right now, Rush feels stranded and helpless. She hopes that another family doesn’t have to experience the pain and helplessness that she’s feeling right now.

Mark Madeja with AAA Tulsa tells News on 6 that it’s important for everyone to have an emergency plan in place.

Regardless of if it’s a AAA membership, a friend, your insurance company, everyone needs to have an emergency rescue plan just in case. You’re already going to be discombobulated, the car’s broken down, cars whizzing by, you’re wondering what’s wrong, have a number with you can call,” Madeja said.