OKLAHOMA CITY - A cyber security watchdog says millions of documents containing Oklahomans' sensitive information were found sitting open online.

It's one of the largest data breaches in recent state history.

The records leaked range from business records to health records and FBI investigations.

The cyber security firm UpGuard says millions of files, some containing private information from the Oklahoma Department of Securities were left open online for anyone to see.

The report says in some cases business transactions revealed social security numbers, in other cases health records with names, even T-cell count of patients with AIDS.

Also, sensitive information from FBI investigations, including timelines and the names of people interviewed.

An FBI spokesperson told us the Bureau couldn't comment.

UpGuard says the information dates back to 2015, but it wasn't accessible until the end of last November.

The firm notified the Oklahoma Securities Commission on December 8th and the files were taken down.

The Commission director says the leak was under investigation, but wouldn't comment any further.

It's It's unclear whether any information was stolen. but an Upguard's head researcher told Forbes magazine, the breach is "massively noteworthy" and called the department's response.