SPERRY, Oklahoma - Jail records have revealed that the man who was shot and killed by a Tulsa County Deputy Wednesday night just got out of the Tulsa County jail on Tuesday.


Deputies said the confrontation started when a woman reported her ex-boyfriend had kicked in the door and had her at gunpoint. There is a video of the shooting and a person who watched it said the dead man told the deputy to shoot him before reaching for a gun.

The house is just south of Sperry, where deputies responded to the 911 call. A deputy found the armed man in bushes behind the house and chased him across the street into some woods where the shooting happened.

“I believe from the time he arrives, knocks on the door to when the shot is fired, it's at the most 3 or 4 minutes,” said Casey Roebuck with TCSO.

The sheriff's office said the dead man is 57-year-old Terry Lee Cockrell. He was well known to law enforcement and so was the house. 7 calls there since 2015. The deputy who responded recognized both victim and suspect by first name.

Cockrell bonded out of jail Tuesday from an arrest related to domestic abuse. The encounter with his ex-girlfriend prompted the 911 call about 10 pm.

“He was standing over her, he had a gun, and he had broken into her home,” said Roebuck.

The sheriff's office said the whole thing was over before backup arrived.

“He starts saying he wants the deputy to shoot him. Gets back up, reaches into his pocket and at that point, Deputy Bonin fires his weapon,” said Roebuck.

Deputies said they found a gun on Cockrell and saw evidence the back door at the house was kicked in. The deputy fired a taser, but the suspect had on a heavy coat and it didn't work.

The sheriff's office will investigate the shooting and turn over the findings to the DA.