TULSA, Oklahoma - After years as a radio guy and musician, a local man has settled on something that really makes him happy.

W. B. Ward produces audio books. He’s recorded dozens of them in the five years he’s been at it.

He says it’s like being in a movie, except YOU have all the parts. Each one is quite the time-consuming project.

“I would say a good range would be three to four months. In the case of the book I'm working on now, this is probably gonna be a seven- or eight-month long investment of time," he said.

You must read it and make notes about how you want each character to sound. He says it’s like creating word pictures with your voice. It is work, and when it gets tiring, in the next room there are wonderful diversions.

There is a piano and maybe a dozen other instruments he can play.

Then it’s back to work at the microphone creating diversion for his primary customer, the commuter. It’s interesting his own commute to work is not that long.

“My own commute is all of three feet,” he says.

Out of bed and into the chair in front of the microphone, working to make our commute go faster, and loving it.

“I’m just happy as a lark. The way things are, and the way that I am, I wouldn’t do anything else.”