SPERRY, Oklahoma - Body camera footage shows the moments leading up to a deadly deputy-involved shooting near Sperry.

The video is from the only deputy on the scene at the time and lasts about six minutes. The copy the sheriff's office provided stops right before the shooting.

"Show me your hand. Do not. Show me your hands, do it now," the deputy said.

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office says those are the last words spoken before suspect Terry Cockrell is shot and killed. Deputy Mic Bonin showed up to the house after a woman called 911, saying Cockrell, who was her ex-boyfriend, kicked in her door.

The woman told the deputy Cockrell took her gun.

"He asks her to go into the bathroom with her phone and to lock the door," said Casey Roebuck with TCSO.

The deputy went out into the dark and spotted the suspect, but Cockrell took off running. Deputy Bonin used his taser, but the sheriff's office says it didn't work.

The two made their way through the wooded area, and the deputy repeated his commands.

From body camera:

Bonin: "Show me your hands."
Cockrell: "Shoot me."
Bonin: "I'm not gonna shoot you. Show me your hands."
Cockrell: "Shoot me."
Bonin: "This ain't worth it, Cockrin"

The deputy, who dealt with the man several times in the past, asks him one last question.

Bonin: "Where's the weapon?"
Cockrell: "In my pocket."

Seconds later, the fatal shot is fired.

The deputy is on paid administrative leave. It will be up to the district attorney to determine if Wednesday night's shooting is justified.