TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police hope the public can help them identify two thieves caught on camera inside a Tulsa home. The video shows them rummaging through the homeowner's closet.

Police said the homeowner came home at lunch to find someone had broken into her house. Police said the men broke into the house through the kitchen sometime in the morning after the homeowner left for work.

"The homeowner had come home and discovered that her fence was kicked in and the garage door to her residence was kicked in,” said Tulsa Police Officer Jeanne Pierce.

Police said after getting past a dog the two men went to a back bedroom.

"They walk into that bedroom, they search the closet, they find some type of coin collection that they take with them," said Pierce.

But not before dumping the coin collection all over the bed picking and choosing the coins they wanted. Police said as the thieves also grabbed what appears to be the laptop before running out.

Officers said they are glad the homeowner has such good surveillance video which they hope will lead to an arrest.

"One of the suspect's jackets is different. We are hoping that a parent or friend recognizes that and can help us identify these individuals," said Pierce.

Police said it doesn't matter what these thieves took, they need to be caught.

"It's a felony to break into a home regardless if you take a pack of gum or a laptop," said Pierce.

If you know anything about this burglary, you can call CrimeStoppers and leave an anonymous tip.