Our temperatures have bottomed out from this weekend’s Arctic blast, and now there’s nowhere to go but up to wrap up the weekend here in Green Country!

Sunshine makes a welcome return to our area today, helping us recover from this morning’s very frigid start. It’ll still be a chilly day, but mostly sunny skies and a south breeze should usher our highs back into the lower 40s this afternoon.


A much more rapid temperature rebound arrives just in time for Monday! Morning lows below freezing will give way to afternoon highs surging back into the 50s. But that Monday warm-up also comes with much windier conditions, as southeast wind gusts of 30 to 35 miles per hour return. Outside of those winds, temperatures look good for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade in Tulsa.

Temperatures in the 50s will hang around into the midday hours of Tuesday, but another sharp cold front will put an end to that. We’ll likely see temperatures falling quickly by mid to late Tuesday afternoon behind that front, with a chance for a few scattered showers out ahead of the cold front across far eastern Oklahoma.

Colder weather surges back into eastern Oklahoma behind that front by Wednesday, but warmer weather is likely to quickly kick back in on Thursday. This type of up-and-down temperature roller coaster is likely to continue the next few weeks, as an active jet stream brings short-lived but strong cold fronts our way every few days. Your wardrobe changes will get a workout in the coming days and weeks!

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