SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - A Sand Springs teen hopes someone can help find her car after she says someone stole it while she was at work.

Chloe Finney says she got off work, walked outside and just froze. The car she worked so hard to pay for, was gone.

"I go outside after clocking out. I look over there by the bushes, I run back in look for my keys, no keys," said Chloe Finney.

A 2000 Toyota Camry is the car Chloe says she saved up for years to buy and she wants it back.

Chloe says whoever stole her car, reached over the counter at the Carls Jr. in Sand Springs when she wasn't paying attention and took her keys.  She says she just put new tires on it and all of her school supplies are in it.

"I don't see how you can take something from a kid who is trying to get their life straight out and learn responsibility," said Chloe Finney.

Chloe says she works six days a week so she can pay her car payment, pay for her gas and and pay for insurance.

Her mom tells me it breaks her heart to see this happen.

"She stays out of trouble. She works so hard. She's really such a good kid and for her to be violated like that, I mean she cried all night long," said Chloe's mother, Rebecca Hale.

Chloe says it may not be the prettiest car out there but to her, it means a lot.

"I bonded with that car. It was my first car. I just want it back," said Chloe Finney.

She says one of the tail lights is taped and there is a crack in the driver side bumper.  Chloe's mom says she doesn't need to know who stole it, as long as her daughter gets her car back.

"You know to have to have that conversation that sometimes bad things just happen to good people with your child is really heart breaking," said Rebecca Hale.