TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police say two men are in the hospital in critical condition after a fight and shooting at the Hampton Hills Apartments near I-44 and Highway 75. One of the victims was shot and the other has a serious head injury, according to police.

Police say the call came in as a shooting at the Westwood Apartments at 718 West 49th Street. The sign at the complex identifies it as the Hampton Hills Apartments.

Officers say they found a man lying on the ground with head and facial wounds. They also found several shell casings.

EMSA took the man to the hospital while police started interviewing witnesses.

Police then learned that a shooting victim had shown up at a different hospital. Witnesses told them a crowd of people was fighting at the apartments when someone started shooting and the crowd scattered.

One man was shot in the leg and the hip while the other man has a head injury and bleeding from his brain.

Officers say they don't know if the gunshot victim and the beating victim were fighting each other or if someone else is responsible for their injuries. They say both men are in critical condition.

Sergeant Larry Edwards said witnesses have already helped them piece together a lot of what happened leading up to the shooting, and they hope more people come forward.

Officers are checking the area for surveillance video in hopes it will show them what happened. If you know anything about the fight and shooting, call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.