TULSA, Oklahoma - The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office says a drunk driving suspect almost hit a deputy before wrecking his pickup early Tuesday morning.

Deputies identify the driver as 44-year-old Devin Hausam of Coweta.

TCSO says a deputy was sitting at a red light near 15th and Sheridan at about 1:15 a.m. when a pickup almost hit him. Another deputy saw it happen and attempted to stop Hausam’s vehicle.

Deputies say the pickup began speeding up to 75 miles per hour and swerving all over the road. They say Hausam lost control and his truck hit a curb then rolled over several times before it landed in a nearby creek.

Hausam flew out of the pickup and was in serious condition when he was transported to the hospital, deputies say. 

"He almost hit and injured one of us, so we didn't want him to do that to us or anyone else so we wanted to stop him we needed to see what was wrong and he contributed to his injuries," said Captain John Bryant, Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies say they found a lot of alcohol inside the pickup, including some open containers they say the believe the driver was drunk.

No deputies were hurt during the chase.