TULSA, Oklahoma - The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma helped out federal workers Tuesday.

They provided various groceries at a pop-up market for those affected by the government shutdown. The market provided a selection shelf-stable canned and packaged items, produce, dairy and bakery goods to families needing assistance.

People of all walks of life came by to stock up on as much as they could. Deborah Harrow is going through her second government shutdown having worked for the Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD for 9 years.

"I didn't think they would carry it this far. And to be honest I thought they would just see how far they could take it but this is horrifying," said Harrow.

Deborah, along with many other federal employees who came out to the food bank on Tuesday are running out of money for things like food and rent.

"Even though I am single and only have one pet there are people out there with families and we need to fight for our people," said Harrow.

The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma says it started getting calls about 10 days ago from federal workers who really didn't ever think they would need assistance but are surprised by how long the shut down has lasted.

"We are trying to accommodate all shifts. Meat, meals prepared by our kitchen, fresh produce. A lot of these people are still going to work every day. They are doing what we are asking them to do they just aren't getting paid," said Executive Director Eileen Bradshaw.

They are allowing folks to come in and take what they need until the shutdown is over 

"In this case, it is very clear that these people do not have any power in dc to make their paychecks restart," said Bradshaw.

The Food Bank says they have served over 50 families this afternoon at the pop-up market.