TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa's Gatesway Foundation has a new person in charge. Gatesway had some financial difficulty over the years, but the new CEO says he is looking forward to re-introducing the organization and its vision to the public.

The Gatesway Foundation announced its new CEO will be Weldon Tisdale Sr. Tisdale most recently served as a pastor at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Tulsa.

He says he is confident the generous donors of Tulsa, Broken Arrow, the state and the nation will rally around the organization and its clients.

Weldon Tisdale Sr. To Lead Gatesway Foundation Of Broken Arrow 

"Helping us to get back out into the community to let people know who we are and why we exist," said Weldon Tisdale Sr., Gatesway Foundation CEO.

"The reason for our existence and purpose for our existence is really beyond individuals' and communities' knowledge."

Philanthropists Sarah and John Graves are providing the funding for Tisdale's position.