WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma - Wagoner County Sheriff's Office arrests a convicted felon after he barricades himself inside his camper. 

The Sheriff's Office called Kenneth Peterman a career criminal, a repeat offender and someone who was wreaking havoc all over the county. Now he's in jail on a $100,000 bond. 

These are pictures of guns the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office recovered after they arrested Peterman inside his camper and searched a nearby storage unit. 


"He's an individual that we've suspected for a long time of being involved in the drug trade possessing illegal weapons we received many calls on him" said Sheriff Chris Elliott of the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office.  

Peterman is well known to the Sheriff's Office. Just last year, deputies served an arrest warrant but he got away. This time Deputies found him barricaded inside of a closet in his camper on Saturday. 

"There was quite a struggle between him and my deputies" said Sheriff Chris Elliott of the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office.

"Once we got inside the camper we found a sawed off shotgun we found drugs" said Sheriff Chris Elliott of the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies found money and surveillance cameras. That investigation lead them to a storage unit they say belonged to Peterman. Inside they found ammunition, surveillance equipment, four shotguns, three rifles, and 11 handguns.

"We found quite a cash of illegal weapons in there money and what we believe is a quite a bit of amount of methamphetamine" said Sheriff Elliott. 

The Sheriff said he wants criminals to know his office is always on the lookout.

"We are gonna arrest you and we are gonna put you in jail and I think we made a believer out of Mr. Peterman" said Sheriff Elliott.

An interesting piece of this investigation is that one of the guns that deputies recovered was reported stolen in 1979 out of Detroit. Deputies are working with law enforcement to try and track down the owner.