TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa couple is being held on child abuse and child neglect charges after an investigation by the Tulsa Police Child Crisis Unit and the Department of Human Services. Chris and Skyla Forte were arrested Tuesday, January 22.

An affidavit states their 6-year-old daughter was diagnosed with extreme malnourishment and suffers from medical neglect. A doctor told police the girl is in the 1 percentile in both height and weight and only gained 8 ounces in a 16-month period.

The girl told investigators her parents "whoop her hard" with a belt, make her take cold showers and do exercises when she's bad. 

She also said she only eats oatmeal and vegetables and gets locked in her bedroom at night without an opportunity to use the bathroom, records show.

A child crisis detective interviewed the Fortes. Police said Chris Forte told them they use exercise as a discipline and make the girl do sessions of push-ups that usually last about an hour.

He also confirmed that they feed the child mostly oatmeal and veggies but occasionally let her eat what they eat "when she is good," the affidavit states.

Both parents reportedly admitted to locking the girl in her bedroom at night - because otherwise, she would take food from the cabinets during the night.

Bond for both parents was set at $100,000.