OKMULGEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - New details have been released about an Okmulgee County Jail nurse accused of trying to help an inmate escape.

That nurse is now in the same jail where she used to work. Okmulgee County DA Carol Iski said the story started unraveling because of a cell phone.

She said deputies received a tip and searched Skipper Rowland's cell; they found the 11-time convicted felon had the phone stashed away.

"They saw communication between the jail nurse, Kimberly Trulove, and Mr. Rowland," Iski said.

From there, deputies began to piece together the story, and realized Trulove had not only provided the cell phone to Rowland.

"She's now gone from being an employee to an inmate," Iski said.

She said the pair formed a romantic relationship, and planned to run away together.

"They were also making plans for him to escape again," Iski said. "She was going to assist him in that escape so they could go live happily ever after."

When deputies questioned Trulove, Iski said she also admitted to smuggling narcotics into the jail to give Rowland.

"This is something all jails fight, prisons fight," she said. "And to have a trusted employee engage in this type of behavior, it's extremely disappointing."

Iski said Trulove faces two counts of smuggling contraband into the jail, and conspiracy to help an inmate escape.