CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - A 19-year-old Rogers State University student plans to run for Mayor of Claremore. He says he might be young but his ideas for the future and his follow through make him ready for the job.

You can find 19-year-old Kurt LeVan on campus by morning and campaigning by afternoon. He gets out of class and goes door-to-door in Claremore, meeting people living in the city and asking them what they need from their leadership.

"There is about 10,000 registered voters in the city of Claremore and there is probably about 7,000 households give or take and we are trying to go by every one of them," said 19-year-old Kurt LeVan.

Kurt says the people he has talked to so far are open to someone his age representing them in City Hall.

"I love helping people and I love serving people. It is one of the main reasons I enlisted in the military and now it is one of the reasons I want to run for public office," said LeVan.

Kurt says he built his campaign on the issues Claremore residents have brought up at city council meetings over the years or have told him in person. One of those issues is high electric bills.

"People pay more for electricity in Claremore than in surrounding communities in northeastern Oklahoma and that affects people in their day to day lives," said LeVan, "If you already have a family who is living on a paycheck to paycheck budget and now you are going to raise their electricity rates that could mean serious financial trouble for that family."

Kurt also hopes to tackle infrastructure issues.

"The city is going to grow regardless. It is our decision if we are going to plan ahead and accept that growth or if we are just going to ignore it and continue to be in a state of using outdated infrastructure systems for a population that we no longer have," said LeVan.

Kurt says running for Mayor is another opportunity to help make things better for the people around him.

"We are kind of running out of public servants, honest public servants, in the United States and I am just wanting to bring in new blood and try to show people that young people are serious about serving this country regardless of if it is in the military or if it is in the public sector," said LeVan.

Kurt says he will be officially filing to run for Mayor at the beginning of next month, the actual election is in April.