TULSA, Oklahoma - It’s that time of year many of us look forward to, Girl Scout cookie time.

Distribution day is coming this weekend and all the cookies, about one million boxes of them, are in a warehouse in Broken Arrow just waiting to be picked up. There are eight different kinds including one that is gluten-free.

Celeste Franklin is the Director of Projects and Programs for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma, and this time of year the program is cookie sales.

"Last year, we sold over a million," she said. That's a million boxes and they will do that again this year, she is sure.

Of course, as you might have guessed Thin Mints are the most popular. Last year, the sales averaged 269 boxes per girl, but she said it’s more than just selling cookies.

She says the girls are learning something about goal setting, decision making, managing money, ethics, and people skills. Sales officially begin February 2nd and continue through March 24th.

The company that produces the cookies for Girl Scouts, Little Brownie Bakers, has produced some recipes for things you can make using Girl Scout cookies. You can find those here.