OWASSO, Oklahoma - Owasso Police hope you can help them identify the men accused of using counterfeit checks to take $17,000 from a business’ account.

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Owasso Police said the men cashed 17 counterfeit checks at several Arvest Bank Branches in Owasso and Tulsa. Police said they stole $17,000 from National Steak and Poultry by using fake checks.

Several surveillance pictures show the men cashing the checks.

"17 checks had been written on their account that were not written by anyone authorized to do so," said Owasso Police Deputy Chief Jason Woodruff.

Police said the men cashed the checks over four days in November. Officers said all the checks were cashed at Arvest bank but at several different locations.

Police said there are two men they want to speak to for sure, but there could be more involved.

"It does look like, at least initially, there's some coordination. Something a little more than your run of the mill stolen check or stolen credit card," said Woodruff.

Deputy Chief Woodruff said making fraudulent checks isn't something he has seen in a while.

"The fraud is kind of shifting more towards the online check fraud. Stealing directly from accounts. It's not unheard of but it's definitely not something too common these days," said Woodruff.

If you recognize the men or know anything that could help investigators, call Owasso Police.