A Green Country veteran spent most of his day today making sandwiches for furloughed government workers. The veteran and his niece made more than 70 meals for TSA agents and air traffic control employees at Tulsa International Airport.

Navy Veteran Michael Reynolds Sr is at Tulsa International Airport today but he didn't bring any luggage.

"We have ham and cheese, we have turkey and cheese. We have baked ruffles and Lays potato chips. We have drinks and everything, even little brownies,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds spent the majority of his day alongside his niece making more than 70 meals for TSA agents and air traffic controllers.

"God laid it on my heart earlier this week and I have to be obedient to God. When he tells me to move I move. He will always make a way," said Reynolds.

He says he just had to take action - to help take care of the furloughed workers who are about to miss their second paycheck.

"They are my brothers in Christ and my sisters in Christ but they also work for the federal government just like me, I'm retired Navy," said Reynolds.

It is a gesture Reynolds hopes puts a smile on the faces of dozens of federal workers as they continue to do their jobs without pay.

"It just hurts my heart to see that this shutdown is happening. We need to go ahead and open up the government and let these people get paid then we can debate, we can debate the other issues," said Reynolds.  

Airport employees say this is just one of many acts of kindness they have seen from the community since the government shut down started more than a month ago. They say they have been overwhelmed with love and support.