As officers booked Nowata County Jail detention officer Colin Geeding into jail, dozens of investigators were already searching his home.

“We have a sawed off shotgun. This is going to be methamphetamine. These are going to be straws that also contain meth. We have pills, we have property of the Nowata County Sheriff Office here,” said a Nowata County deputy.

At least 7 agencies including the FBI were there to serve the search warrant Friday morning.

“The premises was in total disarray with dog feces everywhere,” said Nowata County Sheriff Terry Barnett.

Sheriff Barnett says the condition of the house made searching the house a challenge.

“You had to go outside to the back door because there was so much debris on the inside,” said Sheriff Barnett.

Officers pulled drugs, weapons, a bulletproof vest, ammunition and a sawed off shotgun from the house. The Sheriff says they also found 5-6 devices which turned out to be modified fireworks.

“He did have all the makings there where it could’ve been made into a pipe bomb,” said Sheriff Barnett.

“We also found some tactical vests inside the residence which is not against the law but due to some of the reading material there, also associated with the number of weapons that were found-all of those things tied together makes you wonder about the thought process of the individual who was living there,” said Sheriff Barnett.

Geeding was booked for a number of complaints including drugs, stolen property and an illegal weapon. Sheriff Barnett says this arrest isn’t a reflection on her other employees.

“Just because we have one bad employee does not make all of us bad or corrupt,” said Sheriff Barnett.