An audit in Broken Arrow found the former head of the Chamber of Commerce spent money on personal expenses and oversight was so poor, no one in charge noticed.

Wes Smithwick abruptly resigned last summer as the audit was getting started and now he might be asked to pay back some of the money.

City Manager Michael Spurgeon ordered an audit of the Chamber and it's economic development arm after four employees and board members blew the whistle on at least $20 thousand dollars of questionable expenses.

Spurgeon said "We did feel betrayed and the fact that we were having tremendous success and there were no signs of this - but I understand people are going to do what they’re going to do, but there are consequences to actions." 

Those consequences appear to be limited to the Chamber asking Smithwick to paying some of the money back. The City sent the audit to police, but Spurgeon said he was told the spending didn't rise to the level for criminal charges. The audit notes controls on spending were so loose that about 1 in 4 expenses were paid without documentation.

Attempts to reach Mr. Smithwick today were unsuccessful. He quit last June, according to the audit, after asking for more time to explain his spending.

The excesses, according to the audit, included flight upgrades and restaurant tabs over $1,000. The City contracted with the Chamber for economic development work, and because of the questionable spending, was reimbursed $20,000.