TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa man is in custody after threatening someone with a gun and resisting arrest on Friday at Garden Courtyard Apartments.

Police say around the suspect, Gary Morrison confronted the victim and pointed a gun at them. The victim says the gun jammed when Morrison tried to pull the trigger at which point the victim disarmed him. Police say Morrison then ran to his apartment.

When officers arrived, they attempted to take Morrison into custody, but he refused to leave the apartment. After a lengthy standoff, a warrant was obtained, and a Special Operations Team was called in. The SOT used pepper balls to force Morrison out of his apartment at which time officers took him into custody.

"We tried a whole array of communication attempts. Everything from trying to call him on his cell phone, to knocking on his door and talking to him, to using a vehicle to make PA announcements to get him to communicate with us,” said TPD Captain Thaddeus Espy.

Morrison is being held in the Tulsa County jail accused of resisting arrest and pointing a firearm.